Short’n Scary Story Contest!

Hey kids! It’s time to get your freak on and conjure up some Halloween short story awesomeness!

We’re terrified to announce the “Short’n Scary Story Contest!” presented by Whitebulb and Wilkins Art & Creative! If your story is the scariest, most freaky short story we get, we’ll turn it into a cartoon that you can share with your friends, just in time for Halloween!

The contest is open to anyone aged 8-12 from the Peterborough area.  All you have to do is  write a Halloween short story or poem (100 words or less) & make a few creepy pictures to go with it (no weapons please).

We’ll send the top entries to our esteemed judges who will pick the scariest, most creative, and most original concept. We’ll animate the winner’s story, bringing it to life like a zombie rising from the grave, terrorizing the neighbourhood… okay, okay, you get it. Runners up will get a certificate of awesomeness sent to them, and an honourable mention on our blog.

The rules are simple:


  • Entrants must be between ages 8 and 12
  • Story must be no more than 100 words
  • One or two drawn pictures can be included with the submission, to show our animators what your characters could look like (no guarantees, we may create our own!)
  • Deadline is October 20th at 5pm
  • Submit your work to fun@whitebulb.ca

The winner will be informed on the 23rd of October via email, and the video will be released shortly before Halloween. The winner’s name will appear at the end of the film, giving you complete bragging rights!

Need some ideas?

How about … what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever found in the forest or spooky attic???   Or … what do you think was inside that scary house you were too frightened to go into???    And of course … what monster does your teacher turn into at night???

What are you waiting for? Start writing the most terrifying thing you’ve ever thought of, and you might win a chance to see your story come to life!

Our Judges:

Neil Morton of PtboCanada.com, Jeannine Taylor of KawarthaNOW.com, Teresa Kaszuba of CHEX Daily, and Paul Rellinger of Peterborough This Week.

We can’t wait to be freaked out Peterborough!

Spookily yours

Michael & Jason.